The cluster structure


"Over 25 countries and 145 organizations are involved in our network"

AMANAC coordination 

Olga Rio | European Commission -  Directorate General for Research & Innovation - D3 Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies EC Officer

Nadia Sid | TWI Ltd, UK

Jorge Corker | Instituto Pedro Nunes, Portugal

Jens.Jorgensen | Functional composite materials/infrastructures components

Arianna Amati | Cement-based composites/building components

Donato Zangani | Insulation materials/building components

Arnaud Muller | Life Cycle Assessment

Christoph Sprengard | Vacuum insulation materials/building components

Liberato Ferrara | Cement-based composites/infrastructures performance

Sergei Krupski | Aerogel based insulation materials/building components


The cluster brings together EU funded R&I projects focused on nanotechnologies and advanced materials covering different challenging construction aspects such as energy efficiency in buildings, building materials durability and on-shore and off-shore infrastructures durability

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