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Collaboration with key stakeholders and associated clusters 

AMANAC operates in close collaboration with Key European Stakeholders in the field of construction in general and building sector in particular, such as ECTP, most specifically with two of its committees Energy Efficient Buildings and Materials and Sustainability).


AMANAC also operates in close collaboration with ASHRAE-Hellenic Chapter, which is a key stakeholder in the area of sustainable technology for energy in buildings and infrastructures.


The member projects also cooperate with other clusters, for example with the Nanosafety European Cluster to establish and develop a multi-level nanoparticle release and exposure assessment, trying to stimulate further cooperation and networking on this matter and bridging the activities of both AMANAC and Nanosafety Cluster on common goals.


The cluster brings together EU funded R&I projects focused on nanotechnologies and advanced materials covering different challenging construction aspects such as energy efficiency in buildings, building materials durability and on-shore and off-shore infrastructures durability

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